Welcome to the Peru Miami News 2016 Candidate Questionnaire

UPDATE: It seems there is a compatability issue with the survey when using Windows 10.  Until we can resolve this issue, we recommend NOT trying to fill out the survey if you are using Windows 10.  If you cannot access the survey from a different computer, please email your results to dmakin@perumiaminews.com and we will enter your answers for you.  Windows 7 works as expected with no issues.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to provide residents of Miami County a uniform set of information about all candidates across all offices.  Our goal is to assist voters in learning as much as possible about any candidate they may wish to vote for.

It is our desire to present this information in an unbiased and open format.  We have solicited questions from the community as well as internally. 

You may view the election site at http://election.perumiaminews.com.  We will close the window for responses on March 31st.  It will take us a day or two to enter all the responses into the system.  Once everything is entered we will annouce the site is open publically and everyone's responses will be available at the same time.

If we receive everyone's responses before the due date we will close the response window and publish the information at that time.

We are going to include the information listed on your CAN-12 form and will enter that data for you.

Information you provide will be entered into your listing exactly as you enter it.  We HIGHLY recommend entering all your responses into a text editor and then copying and pasting them into the survey.  It is also a good idea to have someone proofread your answers as well.  We will not make any changes or corrections to your responses once they have been published on the site.

All responses are optional. For any question not answered, we will simply enter "Response not provided."


If you notice, at any time, that PMN has made an error or entered data incorrectly, please let us know.  We will include a retraction and explanation of our error directly in the section to ensure everyone is aware the error was ours and not the candidate‚Äôs.  The last thing we want is to make a mistake, but if we do, we will make it abundantly clear it was our error and not yours. 

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